Courtyard Enhancements

Hotels & Resorts

A new hotel in the Bay Area wanted to improve the look and recreational purpose of their unused courtyard space. The areas surrounding the building also had poor drainage and runoff, causing water to pool during rainstorms. LandCare was tasked with designing and installing a functional, aesthetic landscape that matched the modern feel of the property.
LandCare’s Solution
LandCare designed and proposed an enhancement project that included low-maintenance plant materials and hardscape design to improve the utility of the landscape and absorb excess moisture.
The project in numbers:
• Over 300 various small trees/shrubs planted
• 2,000 square feet of ‘no mow’ sod
• 8 tons of California Gold Path Fines
• 8,000 square feet of brown mulch
• Firepit and low-voltage lighting installation

The Result
The new landscape transformed the previously unused space into a functional and eye-pleasing courtyard. The firepit offers an attractive gathering area for guests while the low-maintenance ‘no mow’ grass and surrounding mulch regulate moisture intake. Additionally, hardscape elements encourage runoff to flow toward storm drains rather than stagnating and puddling around the landscape.