Erosion Control

Managed Residential Communities

A managed residential community in Texas was battling soil erosion and runoff after record precipitation. Having suffered through drought-like conditions prior to the rain, several parks had accumulated significant areas of dead grass and loose, dry dirt. This caused heavy runoff into the large water features that surround the community.

LandCare’s Solution
LandCare proposed a multi-seasonal plan to control and reinforce the landscape around the parks, canals, and ponds.
The plan:
• Decrease size of beds adjacent to waterways by adding Bermuda sod and erosion-prevention plant materials such as Lantana, Asian Jasmine, and Redbud trees
• Install resilient and multi-condition tolerant turf in high trafficked park areas to control erosion and runoff while improving overall appearance
• Reroute irrigation around new pathways with a 2-year plan to first control erosion and then enhance the overall aesthetic of the area

The Result
LandCare thoughtfully planned out drought-tolerant options for the erosion project to drive an actualized cost savings of 25% from the year prior. The community expects to see an additional 25% reduction in irrigation costs. LandCare also worked with a volunteer group within the community to utilize plant materials that encourage wildlife habitation. The number of pollinators has increased and the community is nearing wildlife habitat certification.