Hardscape Design

Retail & Lifestyle Centers

The Challenge
A large casino and retail center in Pennsylvania struggled with the functionality and appearance of its landscape. After years of collecting random assortments of plants and dealing with mulch fires caused by cigarette butts, the center approached LandCare to improve the utility of their outdoor space.LandCare’s Solution
LandCare proposed a redesigned landscape to include hardscape elements and potted plants. This included mulch removal, conversion of irrigation system to drip, rock installation, and tree planting.
The project in numbers:
• Over 300 various small trees/shrubs planted
• Over 900 tons of stone laid
• 38 concrete and fiberglass pots installed
• 2.5 tons of recycled landscape glass added

The Result
The new landscape design resulted in benefits to the aesthetic and functionality of the property. The immediate impact was the elimination of fires caused by cigarette butts, as flammable mulch was replaced with fireproof stone. Additionally, the property is estimated to have saved upwards of one million gallons of water year-over-year due to the installation of drip-irrigated potted plants.