LandCare Celebrates First CommunityCare Day

What's Happening at LandCare

Greenbelt, MD –This month Staff from LandCare’s Support Center joined the Baltimore Branch team to renovate the nature garden at Buddy Attick Lake Park during their first annual CommunityCare Day.“A lot of our team members wanted to give back to their community in a way that matches our values as a company,” explained Rob Barber, VP of Operations. “So we partnered with our local branch to find a site where we could have a major impact.”

Buddy Attick Park is a favorite venue for community picnics and offers residents playgrounds, walking trails and fishing. They also have a native plant identification area that is used by many school groups for learning and fun. Lately the native plants have been pushed out by invasive species, leaving the beds choked with weeds and the walkways by the lake overgrown and inaccessible.

LandCare volunteers swarmed the site to clear several areas of invasive plants, edge and mulch beds. This made the area safe for groups using the plant identification area and fishing areas next to the lake. After the work was finished, CommunityCare teams met up for a group picnic where they shared stories about their experiences that day and discussed their first-hand appreciation for the work LandCare crews happily engage in every single day.

“I always knew our guys worked hard in the field,” commented Maria Franklin, a member of LandCare’s Accounting team. “But after mulching those beds my sore muscles and I have a new respect for what our field teams go through every day!”

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