NorCal leadership restores historic coastal site

What's Happening at LandCare

LandCare leaders in Northern California partnered with the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) – Silicon Valley Chapter for an environmental restoration project at Sand Hill Bluff, a historic archaeological site spanning 154 acres along California’s central coast. Regional Vice President Jared Rice, Controller Kevin Turner, and Branch Managers Duane Faloni, Nick Gaitano, Wes Price, Earle Grantham, and Justin Heilmann performed vegetation management work along the cliffs to make the area more accessible. The team spent the day clearing dead brush and trimming back overgrown plant material that had encroached on pedestrian walkways. They also cut back tangled Cypress trees that had been obstructing views of the shoreline.

Once home to the native Ohlone people, Sand Hill Bluff is one of the oldest known sites of human occupation with a history that stretches back nearly 5,700 years. Since 2005, the area has been protected as part of the California State Parks system and is maintained through partnerships with various non-profit conservation organizations. To learn more about Sand Hill Bluff, click here.