Production Manager and Supervisor meetings a success in the Northeast

What's Happening at LandCare

Production manager and supervisor meetings concluded on Wednesday. Regional VP Chris Coffman held two days of training focused on developing crew leaders with the goal of creating a culture of learning and leadership, and to express appreciation for the valuable work that our supervisors and production managers do as key leaders within our organization. Monday’s meeting was held in northern Virginia with LandCare’s Richmond, Baltimore, and Dulles teams while New Jersey, Allentown, and Philadelphia area teams gathered on Tuesday.

East Division Safety Manager Doug Swistock and Directors of Employee Training and Development Dana Christenson and Kory Beidler led presentations on several topics tailored to leadership development. Discussions included safety information and company improvements, key mowing principles, leadership through progressive discipline, and best practices for spring operations.

Our crew leaders have a unique opportunity to directly impact the operational success of LandCare as well as connect personally with our crew members and customers. By developing the technical and soft skills of these team members and creating a culture of continuous improvement, we can better serve our customer base in 2018.