Warner Center Towers

Professional Office Environment

Warner Center Towers is a collection of six Class A office buildings located in the heart of the Warner Center community in Woodland Hills, California.

A multi-level campus complete with landscaped plazas, attractive water features, and outdoor meeting areas, Warner Center Towers provides tenants with a comfortable, park-like setting where employees can collaborate outdoors or simply escape the office and soak in the SoCal sun.


The property management group prioritizes maintaining an inviting space for its customers. Upon assuming the maintenance contract, our team was tasked with installing Jacaranda trees in planters around the site as well as completing $200k worth of enhancements specifically to improve the gathering areas prevalent throughout the property. Because Warner Center Towers is a multi-level campus, these renovations proved to be challenging. Additionally, the planters and trees that were installed in the new gathering areas needed irrigation.


The LandCare team manually installed Jacaranda trees and other plants to fill the previously hardscaped planters. Two to three crew members are on site full time to maintain a clean, inviting space for tenants and work around office schedules to keep the highly trafficked areas clear of debris (particularly fallen leaves from the beautiful but notoriously messy Jacaranda trees). Finally, our irrigation technician conducted an audit to locate existing irrigation lines and create a map for future reference. The technician was able to reroute existing irrigation lines to cover new green space in need of water.

During the renovations, our team discovered one of the large, 1,000 sq. ft. planters was leaking water and needed to be fixed. The team quickly excavated the planter and found an old air conditioning unit about 8 feet deep. They waterproofed the planter and, instead of rebuilding it, filled it with geofoam and converted it into an artificial green space on top, saving money on re-installation and future planter maintenance. Our team was able to come up with a cost-saving solution while adding another gathering area to fit the park-like setting that the customer strives to uphold.

LandCare was awarded a NALP Award of Excellence – Silver in 2020 for its work on Warner Center Towers. For photos and more, please visit the awards photo gallery here.