Water Conservation & Turf Conversion

Managed Residential Communities

Grassy landscapes consume a large amount of water, and with California’s current drought conditions, large commercial property owners are looking for creative yet eye-pleasing solutions to reduce water usage.

LandCare’s Solution
LandCare proposed turf conversions for a large commercial property owner in San Diego. This included turf removal, installation of new plant material, conversion of irrigation system to drip, cobble installation, and mulching.
The project in numbers:
• 1,800+ Water-wise plants and materials used
• Over 17,000 SF of mulch at 2” deep
• 126 Tons of cobble laid
• 48 Tons of landscape boulders
• 3 Locations converted to dripline from overhead spray irrigation systems

The Result
The turf conversion resulted in several benefits. The immediate impact was the increase in aesthetic value, improving curb-appeal. Additionally, water usage is expected to go down by up to 44 gallons per square foot annually. And with the help of LandCare, rebate applications were submitted through the city’s commercial grass replacement rebate program and Sambla for a return totaling over $35,000.