Branch Activities

What's Happening at LandCare

Four branches had community engagement efforts this week. It’s wonderful to see the LandCare culture out in the field. Three branches had barbecues and one created a new board as an outlet for team member appreciation.

South Bay held a barbecue to celebrate Roberto Covarrubias and his 30 years of loyalty and hard work with LandCare. It’s wonderful to celebrate an achievement like that!

Fairfield also had a barbecue. Theirs was a celebration of 300 days without an injury. They had a basketball free-throw contest. The winner received one paid week off of work.

East Bay had a busy week. They sold metal, removed from an enhancement project, to fund an employee appreciation barbecue. They held a salsa contest with 10 entries. All the entries were sampled and judged. Ray Lopez, Hector Quiroz and Ancelmo Valencia came first, second and third respectively.

Finally, OC South has introduced a new community board in their branch recognizing employees of the month, listing people’s anniversaries and featuring information about social media to further encourage community engagement.