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With 50 branches in 20 states and over 4,000 employees, we have the ability to meet any challenge. In fact, LandCare is proud to be consistently ranked as one of the top landscape service companies in the United States.

LandCare Support Center
5295 Westview Drive, Suite 100, Frederick, MD 21703

Map of states with LandCare branches.

Regional Teams

Brad Roppé

VP, Business Development

Brad has served commercial properties for years, and honed his landscaping skills through the last decade. With a background in law and commercial real estate, he’s focused on growing our brand.

Branches Covered:

West Division


Scott Watson

Regional VP, Atlanta & Nashville

Scott has been in the industry since 1993, serving multiple markets in the Southeast. Passionate about delivering a positive customer experience, he believes in empowering his team members to provide quality horticultural expertise to his clients.

Branches Covered:

Atlanta West, Atlanta East, Nashville, Charlotte, and Raleigh


Bill Benoit

VP, Business Development

An accomplished industry veteran, Bill has held a variety of leadership roles in the non-profit, public, and private sectors. He’s focused on expanding LandCare’s presence in the East.

Branches Covered:

East Division


Karen Wilkinson

Regional VP, Northwest

A career veteran of the landscape industry and native of the Pacific Northwest, Karen has worked with local, regional and national firms. Her leadership style is collaborative and empowering as she helps her teams focus on living the core values.

Branches Covered:

Portland, Seattle, and Tacoma


Don Cully

Regional VP, Greater Los Angeles

With a decade of leadership at LandCare, and a prior career in the multi-location, B2B service sector, Don believes leadership is supporting and guiding his team to be problem solvers for their customers.

Branches Covered:

Canoga Park, Culver City, West LA, and Pasadena


Brandon De Young

Regional VP, NorCal

Brandon is a green industry veteran with over 15 years of experience in account and branch management roles. A true servant leader, the happiness of his team members and customers is at the forefront of every business decision.

Branches Covered:

East Bay, Fairfield, North Bay, Sacramento, Silicon Valley


Jim Kelley

Regional VP, SoCal & Southwest

With three decades of landscape experience in the Southern California market, Jim knows his way around the plants and properties in his region. A proven leader with both local and national companies, Jim believes quality and service are the keys to long term relationships.

Branches Covered:

Inland Empire, Palm Springs, Escondido, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Phoenix


Mark Hopkins

Regional VP, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri

Mark has enjoyed over 40 years of service and leadership in the landscape industry in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri. He gets excited every day that he gets to improve landscape environments and mentor the teams in his region.

Branches Covered:

Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Kansas City


Chris Coffman

Regional VP, Mid Atlantic

Chris Coffman joined LandCare to lead the company’s Strategic Initiatives team before transitioning to leading the Mid Atlantic region. Chris inspires his teams with his passion for landscaping and for his communities.

Branches Covered:

Baltimore, Dulles, and Richmond


Scott Scharaldi

Regional VP, Northeast

An accomplished industry veteran, Scott has nearly 30 years of experience serving the Northeast. He has piloted and implemented landscape operations training programs throughout the country and looks forward to building strong teams in his market.

Branches Covered:

New Jersey, Allentown, and Greater Philadelphia