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With over 60 branches in 25 states and over 4,000 employees, we have the ability to meet any challenge. In fact, LandCare is proud to be consistently ranked as one of the top landscape service companies in the United States.

LandCare Support Center
5295 Westview Drive, Suite 100, Frederick, MD 21703

Map of states with LandCare branches.

Regional Teams

Brandon De Young

Divisional VP, Northwest

Brandon is a green industry veteran with over 15 years of experience in account and branch management roles. A true servant leader, the happiness of his team members and customers is at the forefront of every business decision.

Branches Covered:

Washington, Oregon, and Northern California


Brad Roppé

Market VP, SoCal

Brad has served commercial properties for years, and honed his landscaping skills through the last decade. With a background in law and commercial real estate, he’s focused on growing our brand.

Branches Covered:

Inland Empire, Escondido, San Diego


Andrew Keppel

Market VP, Great Lakes

A 20-year veteran of the green industry, Andrew’s time has been spent overseeing teams throughout the Midwest. Andrew’s leadership efforts are centered on the betterment of his team, with a directed emphasis on the development of technical and soft skills. Placing a high importance on autonomy, he encourages team members to leverage collaborative discussion to explore and formulate operational strategies.

Branches Covered:

Chicago and Columbus


Karen Wilkinson

Regional VP, Northwest

A career veteran of the landscape industry and native of the Pacific Northwest, Karen has worked with local, regional and national firms. Her leadership style is collaborative and empowering as she helps her teams focus on living the core values.

Branches Covered:

Seattle and Tacoma


Scott Watson

Divisional VP, Southeast

Scott has been in the industry since 1993, serving multiple markets in the Southeast. Passionate about delivering a positive customer experience, he believes in empowering his team members to provide quality horticultural expertise to his clients.

Branches Covered:

Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida


Joel Butler

Market VP, Texas North and Oklahoma

Since joining Landcare in 2015, Joel has played an instrumental role in growing the Dallas area from what was once a single branch to the multi-branch operation it is today. A leader truly dedicated to advancing his team members, the growth and development of his team are at the top of Joel’s priorities.

Branches Covered:

Dallas, Ft. Worth, Oklahoma, and Tulsa


Alec Ryan

Market VP, LA & Orange County

Alec is a student of the industry who continually seeks ways to improve. His passion is to lead by empowerment, providing opportunities for growth and advancement within his team. Alec’s leadership begins with the understanding that relationships and people drive a strong business.

Branches Covered:

Los Angeles and Orange County


Zach Belcher

Vice President, Central Division

A skilled landscaper with over 20 years in the industry, Zach’s passion lies in establishing meaningful relationships with customers, delivering high-quality landscape services, and nurturing the development of his team.

Branches Covered:

Austin, Dallas, Houston, Ft Worth, San Antonio, Oklahoma and Tulsa


Ryan Lister

Market VP, Plains

Ryan has been in the industry since 1998, serving multiple markets throughout the Midwest. He is committed to investing in his team’s professional development and building meaningful relationships through win-win partnerships.

Branches Covered:

Kansas City, Indianapolis, St Louis


Paul Copenhafer

Region VP, Florida West

Paul entered the commercial landscape maintenance industry in 2003. Having served a wide array of customers throughout Florida, Paul firmly believes that success is found in the Golden Rule, “Treat others how you wish to be treated.”

Branches Covered:

Orlando, Tampa