Irrigation & Water

Make a splash with smart irrigation management.

Water management is crucial to protecting the environment, but it’s also key to protecting your budget. Between droughts and government regulation, water can become an expensive resource.

Our irrigation specialists will manage your system with regular analysis, audits, and customized water programs to aid in water conservation. This form of irrigation management provides greater efficiency, lower operating costs, and a commitment to protecting valuable resources.

The LandCare Difference:

Installing and managing an irrigation system is complex, specialized work. Our team has the credentials and skills to properly manage your system.

We’ll help you monitor water usage and the efficiency of your system. If there’s a problem with your irrigation management, we’ll also work with you to find a solution that increases efficiency with minimal disruptions.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to irrigation management. The specific layout of your landscape can change the entire system, so we view every irrigation project as a custom solution that’s developed to meet your water management needs.

Budgeting for water costs can be complex, but we provide in-depth analysis to give you a detailed view of where your costs are coming from.

Our irrigation technicians can replace your outdated systems with smart controllers to support your water conservation efforts. When there’s rain in the forecast, your sprinklers can be shut off with the click of a button.

In climates where water is scarce, our designers can create vibrant landscapes using hardscape materials and drought-tolerant plants.

Once we’ve installed your system, we can create an estimated annual budget for your water costs, helping you plan ahead. The budget also helps us identify problems or discrepancies later on, if something is off with your system.

Certain local governments have strict guidelines for water usage, especially during droughts. We will work with these authorities to ensure your irrigation management system meets all regulations while supporting your landscape.

  • Manufacturing Plant | Mira Loma, CA

    Sometimes water management means innovating changes to the way landscapes use water. In drought prone areas, we are replacing thirsty turf with sustainable beauty, saving natural resources (and money).

  • Valley Ranch | Irving, TX

    Retrofitting a 30-year-old irrigation system with new technology, LandCare irrigation specialists now monitor and control irrigation for this entire community from the Cloud. The result? Real-time, climate-based adjustments. Responsive stewardship of resources. Better value.

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