Design & Installation

Landscapes designed for greatness

When choosing a landscape design, there’s a lot to consider: the way it looks, how much it costs, the amount of upkeep it will need. That’s why it’s best to design it with a partner who understands your goals, your budget, and most importantly, how everything can be accomplished.

Our talented landscape architects and designers go beyond aesthetics. They also consider maintenance costs and the long-term growth of your investment by implementing best horticultural practices in every design, ensuring each installation results in a healthy, sustainable landscape. 

The LandCare Difference:

Our team has extensive training and experience designing new landscapes, and we’ll bring the very best to your property.

We want you to know exactly what we’re delivering before we ever get started. You’ll have the chance to review and collaborate on your designs, helping guide the process for improving your property.

Even if you’re not starting from scratch, our landscape designers can help you improve your existing landscape design. We can suggest the right additions to your aesthetic that will help you maximize your investment.

You don’t always need a massive overhaul to make your property a more inviting place. Our experts are trained to look for even the smallest landscape design updates that can increase foot traffic and create a more appealing space for commercial landscapes.

In a commercial landscape, efficiency and beauty go hand-in-hand. You need your property to look great, but it also needs easy upkeep. Our landscape designs take all of this into account, ensuring future maintenance isn’t disruptive or cost-prohibitive for your business.

The sustainability of our environment should be a top priority for everyone. We know that future generations rely on how we manage our resources, and we work to ensure every landscape we design uses the industry’s top guidelines in water conservation to create an efficient, sustainable space.

As we complete your landscape installation, you’ll receive updates and data giving you a full picture of what we’re doing. This helps you effectively manage costs and keep an eye on our progress as we work to bring you a landscape design you’ll love.

Our designers aren’t the only team members with specialized training. The installation of your landscape is a critical process, and we make sure that everyone working on the project is passionate and skilled. Our strict hiring process allows us to curate a team of enhancement experts to install your landscape.

We provide warranties on our landscape installations to help ensure your satisfaction with the finished product.

  • Valley Ranch | Irving, TX

    LandCare partnered with residents of Valley Ranch to transform a neighborhood pocket park into a showcase for native flora, creating a new organic focal point for the community to connect with nature.

  • Hughes Center | Las Vegas, NV

    With extremely high standards for customer service and quality, this Class-A Office Park has depended on LandCare for over 10 years, to delight tenants and implement upgrades to soft and hardscape that keep the Hughes Center one of Las Vegas’ premier office properties.