Tangerine Employee Relief Fund (TERF)

The Tangerine Employee Relief Fund was established to help our most vulnerable team members in times of financial hardship. Many of our team members do not have access to emergency funds, credit or other solutions when suddenly facing unexpected bills for essential life needs due to unanticipated loss of wages, uninsured medical bills or a loss of housing, for example. TERF provides a place for those team members to turn and a means for the LandCare community to provide critical assistance to each other.

TERF is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization (EIN No. 84-3806200) created to facilitate financial relief for active employees in good standing. Employees can request a confidential grant, anonymously reviewed by an Approval Committee comprised of LandCare employees from across the company. Contributions are tax deductible.

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Current LandCare employees are eligible for this financial assistance. Employees who are facing accessibility issues or need assistance filling out the grant application can contact the TERF Administrator at 619-344-0051 or via email at TERF@LandCare.com. Click below to access and fill out the application online:


Anyone can contribute to TERF. Donations can be made via Square. If you are a LandCare employee, you may set up a one-time donation or ongoing weekly/biweekly payroll deduction by filling out the Employee Salary Donation Election form. If you would like to send a check, please see ‘For Donors’ under FAQs.

“Knowing that the assistance I received came from LandCare employee contribution made me feel good. We might work in different teams, cities, and states, but at the end of the day we’re one team and here for each other.” – Anonymous TERF Grant Recipient

Donations Pledged:


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TERF offers grants to help cover financial hardship experienced by LandCare team members. The Fund is governed by TERF’s Board of Directors, which ensures the program meets its objectives, embodies the spirit and core values of LandCare, and grants all contributions appropriately. All grants are reviewed by the Approval Committee, comprised of LandCare team members from across the company, who review funding requests and award support based on demonstrated need.

If you have questions regarding TERF, eligibility or contributing to the fund, review the FAQs below.


What would I be able to use the money for, if I’m interested in applying for a grant?

The Fund is intended to assist LandCare employees who have been financially impacted by unanticipated circumstances. The grant can be used for expenses that would otherwise not be covered by insurance and is not intended to be wage reimbursement. Some examples of how the grant can be used are the reimbursement or payment of reasonable and necessary personal, family or living expenses, such as healthcare, housing, transportation or other needs.


Who is eligible for assistance?

Current employees, who have been with LandCare for at least 90 days and are in good standing are eligible to receive assistance. The incident for which you are requesting financial aid must have occurred while employed by LandCare and within 90 days of applying for assistance.


 If I am eligible, how do I apply for a grant?

To complete the application, by clicking on the ‘Apply’ button above.


What if I am facing accessibility issues or am otherwise unable to complete the application on my own?

If you are in need of assistance to complete your application, please contact the TERF Administrator at 619-344-0051 or via email at TERF@LandCare.com.  Managers may also nominate eligible candidates.


If I apply for assistance, will I become ineligible for unemployment benefits?

Grants do not make you ineligible for unemployment benefits.


How long will it take to process my application?

The LandCare TERF team will work to maintain a quick turnaround from the time a completed application is received. However, processing time may be extended if additional information is needed. Please double check your application before submitting it for review. You will be notified if information is missing or additional information is required to review your application.


Who will review my application?

All grants are reviewed by the Approval Committee, who will review funding requests and award support based upon demonstrated need.


Is the application anonymous?

Yes. After review of your application for eligibility, it will be assigned a number to ensure anonymity with the Approval Committee. All applicants, whether approved or denied, will remain confidential.

Who can contribute to the LandCare TERF Fund? How?

Anyone can contribute to LandCare TERF. Donations can be made via Square. Donations by check will also be accepted and can be made out/mailed to:

5295 Westview Dr. Suite 100
Frederick, MD 21703

How can LandCare employees contribute to the Fund?

If you are a LandCare employee, you may set up a one-time donation or ongoing weekly / biweekly payroll deduction by filling out the Employee Salary Donation Election form here or donate via Square.


Are donations that are made from payroll deductions on a pre- or post-tax basis?

Donations made from payroll deductions are on a post-tax basis (i.e. after you’ve paid taxes on that amount).


Are donations tax-deductible?

TERF is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization EIN No. 84-3806200. Contributions are tax deductible. Please email TERF@LandCare.com with any questions.

Thanks to all our donors:

The Colescott Family
Amanda Joachim
Mark Swanson
Stephanie Lacey
Rebekkah & Marcelo Ramos
Joe Laughlin
Terrie Sabate
The Krems Family
Wendy H
Ballard Family
Patty Frick – “Thankful for LandCare!”
Scott Brickman
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Roger & Dana Christenson
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Steve Swanson
Barbara Brosch
Hannah Ault
Joe & Dana Bacon
Rusty & Trudy Warren


*TERF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations will be tax deductible provided the IRS approves our application. Although we cannot make a warranty of tax deductibility until our application is approved, we fully expect the IRS to approve the application. We will make our IRS determination letter available to all donors. Please email TERF@LandCare.com with any questions.