Check Out This Interview With Juan and Joel From Our San Diego Branch!

People on the Move

1. How did you end up initially working for LandCare?

Juan Carlos: Before I worked for LandCare I worked for another company called JC Valley. JC Valley was then bought by TruGreen which is now LandCare.

Joel: I found LandCare in the yellow pages. At the time they were called “Land Trends.”

2. What are some reasons why you have chosen to stay at LandCare for so long?

Juan Carlos: I am happy here. I like my job, and I like the people I work with. I also like it because I have known many of the people I work with for a very long time and we are all like a family here.

Joel: I couldn’t sit inside all day, and this job allows me to be outdoors. Everyone on my team is friends with each other, which makes coming to work great.

3. What do you like best about LandCare?

Juan Carlos: I like LandCare because my job is to design the landscapes. I get the chance to be creative and am always creating new designs. I never get bored at my job because the projects are always changing and it is different every single day.

Joel: The people. We have all been around a while and are friends.

4. How do you like the new logo?

Juan Carlos: I like it a lot.

Joel: Good, it feels new! The new colors are great, and change in general is good.  I like anything new!

5. How do you like the new trucks? How will they help you to succeed?

Juan Carlos: I really like the new trucks. They look really nice. I am excited for them to come to the San Diego Branch soon.

Joel: Yeah, I like the trucks too. My truck just got painted and it’s really nice and uplifting to walk up to a new clean truck. I am also looking forward to getting the new uniforms too.

6. How has being a part of LandCare impacted your life?

Juan Carlos: Working at LandCare makes my life better because it helps me provide and I get to do a job I truly enjoy all week long. Since I have been here a long time I am a role model for my team and I get the opportunity to teach people many different things and to help them learn, which is great. This company is like my family, I have known all the guys for a very long time. We had a pizza party at my branch to celebrate my 30 years of service and everyone applauded for me and congratulated me. I felt really appreciated. Being able to help organizations like HMHB in our everyday work is so rewarding and part of the reason I love working here.

Joel: Working at LandCare allows me to keep everything stable. It is steady and something I look forward to everyday. Monday is actually my favorite day of the week because it means I get to go back to work. I just heard that we had a good meeting with one of our big clients and they really like the quality of work we have been doing. Stuff like that is always awesome to hear because it’s really motivating and rewarding.