Hughes Center

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Featuring relaxing seating areas, top-tier amenities, and easy access to public bus transportation, Hughes Center is the premier Las Vegas destination for spectacular panoramic views and access to some of the city’s most iconic features.

Contained on a 75-acre campus, Hughes Center boasts 10 mid- and high-rise office buildings, luxury condos and apartment complexes, high-end dining and retail stores, and a Marriott hotel. In 2020 the property underwent a major renovation to create a usable outdoor space that would simultaneously strengthen the brand and foster community and collaboration for its guests.


1) A landscape design firm in New York City was appointed to select plant material for the new outdoor space. Due to a lack of native knowledge of the Las Vegas climate and the plant material that would thrive there, the initially selected material was primarily coastal and would not survive the Nevada heat. Furthermore, an office building made almost entirely of glass on the lot next door. On sunny days, those windows turn into mirrors that ultimately cause excess light and heat to reflect on Hughes Center and its landscape. As such, a 105-degree day can quickly turn into a 150-degree day.

2) With the site situated in the desert, the client wanted to make the property feel less flat and requested the installation of small hills throughout the property to add depth to the landscape and line walking paths. Due to a request for grading to create hills on the property, the previously installed irrigation system would need to be replaced.

3)Pre-existing water restrictions in Las Vegas posed a challenge for the installation of the large event lawn that the client requested be installed on the property


1)Due to the desert climate in Nevada and the tall glass building next door that often reflects both excessive sunshine and heat onto the Hughes Center property, our team had to be intentional about the trees that were selected and installed. Initially, the design of the property incorporated Oak trees which are sensitive to heat; however, due to their understanding of the environment and result of the sun reflecting off the neighboring building, our team suggested to alternatively install Acacia trees, which are much more resilient in the desert climate.

2)With a desire to stand out from the flat, desert landscape surrounding it, the client requested several hills be graded into the property. As such, our team had to install a new irrigation system including a new main line, emitters, motors, pop-ups, and drip system to accommodate the new hills and ensure proper watering for all the plant material and to combat the desert heat.

3)In order to maintain a lush, well-draining event lawn that would also adhere to local water restrictions, our team took great care and consideration in the way the turf was installed. US Golf Association sand was shipped in from Palm Desert to use as a base for the turf, which allows for quick water drainage and promotes deeper root growth. Quick drainage means that guests never have to worry about dealing with a wet lawn at their events or parties, and deeper root growth means the turf remains green and luscious.

LandCare was awarded a Gold NALP Award of Excellence in 2022 for its work at Hughes Center. For photos and more, please visit the awards photo gallery here.