Landscape Maintenance: Summer Tips

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Following these simple maintenance tips can keep your landscape bright and healthy through summer and beyond.

Pruning & Deadheading: In the summer months, many plants will start to grow beyond desired limits and might creep onto walkways, buildings, and into other plants. Cutting them back and removing dead leaves or flowers will not only keep your plants contained, but it will also help them fight disease and jumpstart new growth. Monitoring plant growth and pruning where necessary will keep your displays looking their best throughout the season.

Fertilization: Most granular fertilizers last for about two months, so fertilizing flower beds in July will set your landscape up for success in the fall. For best results, proactively fertilize your plants; healthy looking plants will still need to be fertilized to keep them green through summer.

Watering: Watering plants in the summer can be tricky; some plants prefer less water while others need much more. It’s best to first determine your landscape’s water needs and to adjust your irrigation system as necessary. In most cases, watering in the morning will keep your plants hydrated through the heat.

Container Upkeep: Container displays are usually found in high-profile areas of your property, so it’s important to make sure they are well manicured. Since container plants are typically more crowded than flower beds, soil nutrients and water are absorbed more quickly; frequent watering and two additional fertilizer applications in the summer will help maintain vibrant and healthy displays.

Lawn Care: Short grass is more susceptible to burn under the heat of the sun, so make sure to space out your mowing service schedule. Summer is also a great time to aerate lawn areas to prevent thatching and allow grass to absorb more water and nutrients.

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