Philadelphia builds patio area for local pet shelter

What's Happening at LandCare

When Providence Animal Center staff came across old building materials lying around the shelter, they had an idea to build a new outdoor sitting area for guests. Unfortunately, they never found the time. These materials were piling up, wasting valuable space could have been used to accommodate the shelter’s high volume of visitors.

The LandCare team in Philadelphia recognized an opportunity to step in and make a difference. Seven volunteers spent the day repurposing old pavers to build out a patio area complete with a wood bench, archway, and dog waste post. This area now serves as a comfortable, spacious place for employees, volunteers, and guests to interact with the animals. The branch also donated numerous ‘wish list’ items, such as blankets, towels, dog and cat treats/toys to the facility.

The Providence Animal Center is a non-profit animal rehabilitation home that offers rescue, medical care, and placement services to companion animals. To learn more about the Providence Animal Center and its mission, please visit