Executive Team

Mike Bogan

Chief Executive Officer

Dan Krems

Chief Financial Officer

Rob Barber

Vice President, Operations

Tim Martinez

Vice President, West Division

Mark Hopkins

Vice President, Central Division

Neil Carter

Vice President, East Division

Jennifer Burnett

Vice President, Organizational Development

Rob Barber

Executive Vice President, East Division & Operations

Rob joined LandCare as Vice President of Operations in 2015. Prior to LandCare, he spent 12 years at The Brickman Group. He has 20 years of green industry experience, including fleet management, procurement, supply chain management, and lean process development. He has a track record of driving significant cost reductions while improving operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

Rob’s team is focused on developing and executing on core business processes that are built around the branch team and customer needs. As a servant leader, he encourages communication across all business functions, and empowers his team to learn and grow, sharing decision making and accountability. He relies on the values he learned from his parents and grandparents growing up on a farm in North Carolina: work hard, never say ‘can’t,’ treat people with respect, and mind your manners.

Rob lives near Gettysburg, PA with his wife and two children. He enjoys spending free time horseback riding, coaching youth baseball and football, boating and fishing, and attempting to better his golf game.