Celebrating Lawn & Garden Month with the Southwest’s Joel Butler



The Southwest has unique challenges in maintaining beautiful landscapes. One of the challenges we face with in our region is the intense heat with summers that have little to no rainfall.

Here in Texas, we guide our customers to be better water managers by using the right technologies. Smart controllers have come a long way and are becoming more affordable every day. These tools enables us to use water more wisely: The right amount of water, for the right plant, in the best location. Other technologies like master valves and flow controls are also ways we manage to the water resources we have.

Overall, our customers are looking for us to provide solutions for xeriscape and/or drought tolerant plants. We use best practices for water management to achieve this, all while increasing the curb appeal and keeping the landscape beautiful.

We’re proud of all the work we’re doing with our partners and are happy to promote Lawn & Garden Month! Have a great April, everyone.

-Joel Butler, Branch Manager Dallas/Fort Worth