Earth Day 2017


Pinecone bird feeder

What you need: pinecone, birdseed, plastic knife, peanut butter, ribbon.

Directions: Tie ribbon to pinecone in shape of a loop. Apply peanut butter to pinecone and sprinkle with seeds and you’re done!



What you need: Grass seeds, soil, gravel, clear cup.

Directions: Pour an inch of gravel into the bottom of the cup. Add two to three inches of dirt. Do not mix with gravel. Add seeds to top and gentle poke into dirt. Water lightly. Grass will grow within seven to 10 days.


Rock Mushrooms

What you need: Rocks, white paint, red pain, paint brushes, glue.

Directions: Paint one rock white and another red. add white circles to the red rock. Glue redrock to the top of the white rock. Voila!