Fountain Planter

Managed Residential Communities

The Challenge
A large old fountain is featured on the second floor courtyard of a premier apartment complex near Los Angeles. As a water fountain, this feature created ongoing maintenance issues and added expenses for property managers, ultimately causing structural damage to the ground floor below from leaking water. LandCare needed to provide a cost-effective solution to the problem and complete the work prior to the grand re-opening of the property.

LandCare’s Solution
LandCare recommended converting the malfunctioning fountain into a planter to minimize ongoing costs and property damage while providing a visually appealing solution.
The project in numbers:
• 240 cubic feet of rooftop garden potting soil
• 150 cubic feet of drainage rock
• 35 square feet of landscape foam
• 150 mixed succulents and grass varieties
• 10 bags of black bark
• 5 bags of clean washed sand
• Filter fabric
• Drainage pipe and caps

The Result
The newly-installed fountain planter took center stage at the re-opening of the complex. LandCare eliminated recurring maintenance and water damage expenditures for the onsite property managers while preserving and transforming the old fountain into a unique, living conversation piece.