North Carolina Teams – All In. All The Time!

People on the Move

Inspired by a recent talk by former Navy Seal, Brent Gleesen, LandCare’s Raleigh and Charlotte teams went all in for last weekend’s Spartan Sprint in Concord, NC.

The course was over 5 miles long, on rugged terrain with 20 obstacles, including crawling under 100 yards of barbed wire, 125 pound Atlas carry, the Bucket Brigade, many burpees and helping each other over 8′ walls to name just a few.

When the Charlotte team heard that Raleigh was entered in the race, they wanted to show their support by entering the event as a surprise. What a surprise it was, when the Raleigh team approached the starting line, just as Charlotte was finishing up. For many participants, the challenge was just to finish, which is where team dynamics and support really came into play.

“There were obstacles where we had to work together to get through them,” said Charlotte Branch Manager, Alan Gunter. “Knowing that we had the support of one another and that we would not let any member fail helped our team to complete the course.”

“Showing up for each other, helping and supporting each other from start to finish has proven to be a great benefit to the team,” reflected Raleigh Branch Manager, Matt O’Neill.

“As we approach our very busy season, we are all committed to helping each other over the 8′ inverted wall of production planning and execution, the traverse rock wall of customer service and enhancement sales, and hitting the new sales target with the javelin.

“We know we won’t be able to achieve those goals as individuals, but as a team – supporting each other in each of our challenges – we will overcome those obstacles and succeed. All in, all the time!”