Not Your Typical Orientation

People on the Move

66e160 4d4a34b43be642f08831cf63f3b93f70Rachel spent her first two weeks each day working with landscape maintenance crews, detail trim crews, enhancement crews, Production Managers and Account Managers. She wrapped up her first week in a full day meeting with the entire branch team participating in a month end accounting close, designed to keep the whole team engaged in the financial health of our business.

“I’ve already learned SO much about the business, but I know that there is WAY more to learn and I’m eating it up!” said Rachel. “This was the hardest week I have ever worked in my life but I am so proud to be a member of this entire team. It is also the most fun I have had at a new job on the first week!”

While you can’t learn any business in a few weeks, Rachel’s introduction to LandCare and the green industry will give her a solid foundation to help the company grow and her career thrive.  Good luck on your journey, Rachel!