LandCare’s Employee Relief Fund Marks 100th Grant

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By Christina Menapace, Turf Magazine

TERF is for team members, funded by team members.

Here’s a great idea to implement: LandCare, a nationwide commercial landscaping company, created a Tangerine Employee Relief Fund (TERF), which helps ensure employees are supported, especially amidst sudden financial hardship. Last month marked the 100th grant given to a team member in need.

Since launching in May 2020, TERF has provided over $180,000 in assistance to LandCare team members facing financial hardships. The success of TERF demonstrates the importance of creating a supportive and employee-centric culture.

“TERF is funded entirely by team members who want to help with unexpected challenges. We have nearly 100 team members making a recurring donation from their paycheck to our TERF program, from crew members to senior leadership. When unexpected financial challenges arise, it’s a way we can all be here to help, whether in the same branch or across the country,” said Dan Krems, CFO.

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